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The Corona Virus Has Changed Video Marketing! Is it Forever?

Can you believe it? Demand for online video is on the rise again. Even more so with our current global situation where we are isolating and staying home. And, get this, it is not just entertainment video that people are demanding more of. In a recent survey, it was found that 54% of consumers want more videos from businesses to help them with their, at home, purchasing decisions. They want informative videos. They want training videos. They want tech support videos. They want demonstration videos.

And, as I am your video specialist all cooped up in my home, like you, ready to roll up my sleeves for you, I can’t help but think that now is the perfect time for you to construct your ‘come back’ video campaign.  Or, perhaps, for you to go a step further and build a video product for any of your services.  However, here is another statistic to consider; 87% of businesses use video as a marketing and promotional strategy. In other words, it’s saturated out there. But don’t let that deter you. Just know that it means you need to think differently about how to use video to get your message noticed.

And that’s my specialty!

The most magically thing I know about video is that it’s bendable, pliable. We, humans, still haven’t discovered all the ways we can use video for communication. It’s infinite! You don’t even need a camera to make a great videos! And so, I and my camera can stay well away from your safe, isolated homes and offices and still make you a rock-solid video that gets noticed, gets watched, gets watched again and gets shared.

Here are some examples of what I mean

Videos I made that did NOT use any of my cameras

1. You’ve seen these videos before. It’s my “Interactive” page on my website. Two if these videos are interactive. For all three videos, I created motion graphics, motion text, used stock footage and recorded voice over.

2.  This is a video I made a few years ago. It is for a client who simply wanted their PowerPoint slide show to be jazzed up; made to look, as they requested, ‘more professional looking’. I used a motion template, stripped it down to its bones and built it back again to customize it for the client’s needs (making it very affordable).

3.  I made this video in a single afternoon (super affordable). It’s a whiteboard video that could also look like a chalkboard, if preferred. I use two different video editing/producing software products to build this kind of video from scratch.

4.a  My last samples to you are a collaborative affair. Clients give me footage from their archives or that they captured themselves and hire me to edit it all into a powerful marketing tool. This particular video is designed to continually play silently on TV screens at a tradeshow booth – which explains why there is no sound to this video.

4.b  This video comes from a client’s cell phone. It’s a perfect social media marketing tool. Take a look.

I encourage you to give me a call. Let’s chat about your next video campaign, your next training video, your next video product, and let’s make it covid-19 friendly; more importantly let’s make you stand out of the crowd of your competitors with powerful videos that fit your budget.


With kindness,