IMAGINE what you can say! With Video.

Danielle Turner

Media Expert: Video, Photo, Podcast, Audio

Danielle first came into video media as an actress. Later, she moved her professional journey into corporate training – having taught and consulted with organizations all around the globe. She has won several awards with her camera work and video editing, and she brings to her productions a firm attention to detail, believing that all media – video, photo & audio – needs to be compelling, and that bad media can do just as much harm for a business as good media can do wonders.

Danielle is a member of the International Academy of Digital Arts and Science ( and continues as one of the video & podcast judges for the Webby Awards. (

Although her work has taken her all over the world, Danielle, born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, continues to reside in what she calls the most exciting and beautiful city on earth, Vancouver, British Columbia.



Where did the name ‘Velvet Pumpkin Productions’ come from?

Danielle reminisces – Henry David Thoreau (one of my favourite philosophers): “I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion.” 

I don’t know what that quote meant to Thoreau when he said it. But to me, it means standing out of the crowd, being different, being out of the comfort zone. Certainly, sitting on a pumpkin can’t be that comfortable. But it’s me being true to myself and exploring what’s out there beyond the comfort of an overused velvet cushion.

I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself than be crowded on a velvet cushion.

~ Henry David Thoreau

Velvet Pumpkin Productions specializes in video productions, audio productions and corporate photography for all your business media needs: Danielle and Velvet Pumpkin Productions is your media expert – getting it right the first time.

Danielle works hard as your videographer & photographer to ensure your media projects meet their communication needs. She makes sure your investment is well managed.  She communicates with you often about the progress of your production and provides an easy-to-use online system for those times you need to review her rough cuts. You can rest assured you will receive excellent value along with a phenomenal end result.




Danielle’s battle tested techniques means she will produce your videos
with the power to meet your objectives!


A Creative Mind Working With Creative Minds


Danielle connects powerful ideas with powerful people resulting in some wickedly amazing conversations and long lasting relationships. And she does all that while wearing the hat of a videographer. Each corporate video is carefully crafted to fit the unique brand contained within each of her extraordinary clients.


Danielle promises you clarity, increased credibility and exposure, with each and every corporate video she produces for you. She also promises that working with her will be easy, easy, easy – whether you are in front of her camera or not. I mean really EASY!


Danielle is all about keeping it real, on set, off set, all the time. She believes that success and happiness are a choice – and are her constant pursuits. She is curious, humble, does more with less in her work - and has a heart for all living things.

Danielle Turner creates amazing testimonial videos for us without me lifting a finger past introductions. It was a seamless experience and the results were outstanding. Afterwards Danielle worked with us to create an about us video that shares why we leave clients as raving fans!

Tanja Powell, She-E-O
Powell Painting

Danielle is a natural storyteller and (as a film editor) she intuitively knows how to cobble together different bits to make an amazing film. So thrilled to use Velvet Pumpkin for our post-production!

Cory Bretz, Director
Heirloom Films

“Damn Lady! You’re Amazing!!!”

Adrienne White, Speaker

The entire production shoot came together seamlessly and within the time projected in her proposal.

Barbara Arseneault, Marketing Manager
Legacy Senior Living

Danielle helped me craft and produce LeapTV which has become the #1 branding online TV show in Canada.

Isabelle Mercier, Brand Strategist & Co-owner
LeapZone Strategies

…most importantly, (Danielle) rocked at understanding and capturing what I need to get across to my clients in keeping with our brand.

John Waldo, Co-owner
Spice Management Group

“Danielle Turner is my go to anything video person. Great (training) session and so much takeaways!”

Linda Chu, Owner
Out of Chaos

Danielle has so much experience and is willing to share it with you with a pinch of humor.

Kaayla Vedder, Author & Owner
Kripa Quantum Healing
“Danielle, once again, we are so very grateful to have you share your videography brilliance with us! You were clearly born to do this!… You made our Professional Development Day the best!”
Executive Team
Professional Organizers of Canada

That was all about Danielle. Now let’s talk about YOU and your media needs!