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Thank you for doing such a great job isolating yourselves and keeping a social distance. We will win over this virus! Remember to wipe down your products when you purchase them, if you can. This virus lives on surfaces for hours, some say, ‘days’. Use plastic to pay for things, rather than cash. And keep washing your hands.

This will pass and life will resume with some semblance of normalcy again. But in the meantime, you still need to make a living. You and your business still need to keep getting your message out there. You can’t afford to sit around and not work. You don’t want to lose that momentum you’ve already built during this year.

If you haven’t done it before, you may want to consider making homemade videos for your online social media marketing and your email marketing. A friend of mine, in England, has a gift shop. And she has chosen to close its doors for a while because of the virus. It’s a good decision. But she can still do business with her customers and fans. She should be taking homemade videos of her favourite items in the shop, telling the stories for why she chose to put those items in her shop, and then post those videos online for her social connections to see (one video per item per day). People will gobble it up.

Business doesn’t have to stop. We just need to think innovatively.

I have an idea that can help you, which will also help me as I, too, think innovatively outside the box. Here it is: It’s easy to record a video – not as easy to edit it; or not as fun, for some of you. I’m prepared to offer you ridiculously low priced editing packages to help you move forward. These prices will remain active for six months (ending September 30th). Please take advantage of them all you like. 🙂

Package One: Consulting (FREE)

You can have up to two hours of my time online for Free. We can connect through online video or phone and I will answer any questions you have for setting up and recording your best videos. I will even give you content ideas. You can use those two hours together or separately in different calls. And there is no obligation to purchase any other package.

Package Two: Single Video Editing ($150 + tax)

– length up to 15 minutes for final edit (raw footage is max 30 minutes)
– I will create a top and tail with a closing call to action
– I will add a lower third (your name and title – guest’s name and title)
– I will include up to 3 separate text pieces in the video
– No music (unless you provide it)
– No stock footage (unless you provide it)
– No motion graphics
– 1-2 day turnaround

Package Three: Up to 4 videos/month Editing ($400/month + tax – cancel any time)

– Same restrictions per video as Package Two

Happy Shooting,
(604) 786-3066