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Confession Time

There was this one project, quite a while ago, that I messed up quite badly, with my camera. It was my second time ever shooting in front of a green screen and this project was for a very important client. But the shoot was in a proper studio with proper lighting already setup for me by the owners of the studio. What could go wrong?

As you can guess, it was harder than I thought and something went very wrong. The day was a full day’s shoot with costume changes, etc. and the one major thing my lack of experience did not realize was the jewelry my client chose for this shoot was not a good choice for green screen.

She had these beautiful, large, thin hooped earrings that, in editing, would disappear in the footage and then half appear and fully appear, then half appear and disappear. OH DEAR! I was calling every one of my colleagues for help. They all gave me the same advice: Re-shoot.

MERDE! I mean, “No! I can’t!”

A re-shoot would cost me a lot of money and quite possibly the client.

So, why do I share this experience with you? I could have kept it in my closet of embarrassing experiences with all the others that live there. Because I found the solution and it’s a solution that benefits you too.

Training Videos!

Now, I admit, I had to kiss a lot of frogs before I found the training videos that solved my problem. But I found them. And when I did, I tagged those videos, and I tagged the people who made them, and I signed on to their newsletters, and I bought products from them. YES I DID! I bought what they had to sell; and these people are still valuable parts of my team that keep my business moving forward in a crowded world of competitors. I go back to them often.

If you are selling your knowledge, your expertise, then training videos are an essential part of your marketing scheme. I mean free training videos. I mean, properly structured, give away some of your good stuff TRAINING VIDEOS.  Training videos don’t just give you credibility. They prove you to be valuable. They mark you as a leader in your field. If you can give “THAT” away for free, what else do you have to offer?

In the end, you are letting your prospects test drive your expertise without you having to give away hour after hour after hour of your precious time giving “free” consults.

And you need me and my two diplomas in adult learning along with my video communication expertise to help you make those training videos. I won’t make it complicated. It’s just that making a successful training video is more than slapping a bunch of information together and done. I won’t bore you in this newsletter with how I would work with you. But there are many ways to tackle such a project for many different budgets.

When are you going to get started? The longer you wait, the longer someone who needs you must wait.

I encourage you to give me a shout. Let’s chat about your next video campaign, your next training video, your next video product, and let’s make it covid-19 friendly; more importantly let’s make you stand out of the crowd of your competitors with powerful videos that fit your budget.

With kindness,



PS: If you ever want to shoot in front of green screen while wearing large, thin hooped earrings, you now know who can do that for you. 😉 But don’t call me. I never want to go through that hair pulling experience again. LOL!!!