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IMAGINE what you can say!

I always like to tell my clients to imagine what they can say when we work on new project together. No, I can eve say, “Imagine HOW you can say it.” Video technology is expanding at an exponential rate. I swear it’s because of its super-sized popularity on the web.

I remember, when I was in film school, our editing teacher gave us video footage of a man gambling in Vegas. We were to use that footage to tell two different stories; first we had to tell the story that he won and then we were (same footage) to tell the story that he lost. That exercise blew my mind. Two different stories came from the exact same footage.

I used most of that footage for both stories too. I left very little behind. I just shuffled bits around. Et voila! All different.

You are probably not surprised, to hear me say, “The real magi of video communication happens in the editing room.” I love being that magician that gets to tell your story strategically, visually, emotionally, surprisingly, entertainingly… whether the footage comes from you or from me.

In fact, I’m actually in a bit of a show and tell mood. I’d love to show you a couple pieces I’ve been working on recently:


Geoffrey X Lane: Geoffrey is an extraordinary leadership coach who is introducing some new elements to his leadership coaching services and so, with new changes and a new website, comes the need for a new video. And he knew exactly what type of video he wanted me to make for him; an interactive video.  This is where I get to show you some new video technology that allows a video production to be a two-way conversation with the viewer.  You heard me right. Check out the interactive video I created for Geoffrey Lane:

Velvet Pumpkin Productions: I am my own client as often as I can be. I’ve produced many videos for my own business, and they work. In fact, this newest video for Velvet Pumpkin Productions just finished running for 2 weeks as a YouTube video ad. During that run, it generating over 13,000 views, which means over 13,000 people did NOT hit that skip button and they actually watched the video. On top of that, in this 2 weeks, it nabbed me a new, super-sized project for an exciting new client.

1110 Collective Group: This is a different project all together. It is an audio podcast. Peter Holgate and his wife and business partner, Tara Dobbs, host this show, and they do an exceptional job at it too – which makes my job, as their editor, challenging as I am to cut their rich, one-hour interviews down to 20-25 minutes telling one story; the struggle and strife of the life of an entrepreneur. It’s a fantastic podcast and a project that I’m proud to be a part of. I have to warn you, though. Once your start listening to these stories, you will get hooked.

I’m always excited when I hear from you. We end up talking about my favourite subject. 😉

So, give me a call when you are ready for your next video campaign, your next training video, your next video/audio product that generates passive revenue for you. More importantly, let’s make you stand out of the crowd of your competitors with powerful videos that tell your unique stories and fit your budget.

With kindness,