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You’re Losing Money!

You’re losing money by not taking your ABOUT PAGE seriously!

I read an article, recently, that talked about how to turn our website bio into a selling tool. It was such a powerful learning lesson that I just have to share it with you.

For those who type out a bio on their ABOUT PAGE, would it surprise you to learn that few if any visitors to your site read it? It shouldn’t.

The first mistake is typing our bio – a bio of you or your business is a wonderfully emotional story that is designed perfectly for video; yet, all those emotional heart strings we could be pulling with video and audio, stuck there in print on a screen that will never be read. How sad.

The second mistake is whether we print or video record our bio on our ABOUT PAGE, we often assume the content of that bio should be about us and our history… We are Oh So Wrong! The content on every page of your website, including your ABOUT PAGE, should be about promoting and selling your wares and your expertise behind those wares. Of all pages, your ABOUT PAGE needs to be engaging, enticing, gripping, maybe… nail biting.

If your ABOUT PAGE is done right, it can sell you and your wares better than any HOME PAGE can. But it needs to stop telling the visitor of your site about “who you are” and it needs to start telling them about “what drives you to be the business owner you are!” It needs your passion!

I’m still working on my own bio video. When it’s done, I will certainly share it with you. But in the meantime, here is a perfect example of a bio video for a copywriter that makes you want to hire her on the spot.

Click this image to see it.