IMAGINE what you can say! With Video.

IMAGINE what you can say! With Video.

How to Smile Perfectly for the Camera

First, let’s stop saying, “Cheese.” It was fun. It’s gotta go. LOL!

Second, be brave. Look at past photos of yourself and determine what you don’t like about them. Why are they not good pics, in your opinion?

Third, know your angle and your look. We each have a ‘good side’. Or faces aren’t symmetrical. Find out which side of your face is your favourite. And then take your look a bit further and determine which colours wear best on you. Some colours make your skin look pale, while other colours can add a vibrant tone to your skin. Know your colours.

I, personally, think that even men should wear some level of make-up for their business portraits. Even if its a simple foundation like BB-Cream to even out the tone of their complexion. No one will know. They will just see a healthy, younger you.

If you are nervous in front of the camera, take a breath when you are in your pose. Maybe even close your eyes and collect yourself for a second or two. Make sure that your facial muscles are relaxed. Make sure that your neck and shoulder muscles are relaxed. Then, start thinking about a memory that makes you smile or a memory of something that simply makes you feel good. Or think of someone you love. Open your eyes. Look at the camera and smile.

What I’ve done in the past when I’m shooting staff for corporate photos, is to just tell them to start laughing. For no reason. Just laugh out loud. It works. Then stop. Then smile. It will be perfect. Because it will be authentically YOU.