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Cut to the Chase!

Well, we are halfway through 2019 and, just as I’ve all predicted, the internet is inundated with videos; expert videos, marketing videos, info videos, live videos, lunch videos… and now… super short videos!

So, have you checked the analytics for your own videos? Are your videos getting watched? It’s likely that you aren’t getting the visits that you were hoping for. It could be because you aren’t standing out from all the other videos that look the same as yours.

This is especially a concern for service providers and coaches. It’s not enough, anymore, to show your dynamic personality with a video and hope you will build a fan base. You gotta get to the point, be interesting, and talk all about your viewer – not at all about you… Well, not totally about you.

Do Marketing Videos Even Work?

It might surprise you to learn that marketing videos are getting watched and even shared on the web – often. It’ just that in order to experience that with your own videos, you need to stop being boring and you need to practice this year’s new marketing trend which is to be SHORT! I’m talking SUPER SHORT.  I’m talking 15-20 seconds short – shorter than a TV commercial.

It can be done. Successfully! In fact, producing super short videos forces you to be creative and very clear about what you want to say. It also forces you to get right to the point of what you provide and how it benefits the viewer. No more babbling on with sentences that are humdrum and unnecessary.

Advantages to Super Short Videos

Another great advantage to super short videos is it almost certainly guarantees that the viewer will see your call to action at the end of the video. For you, that’s the most important part of the video. It makes sense that you wouldn’t want to waste the viewer’s time getting there.

And between you and me, the best advantage of all… cheaper! As I’ve been working on these super short videos with clients, I’ve noticed that production costs are nice and slim.

I’ve even managed to avoid video shooting with some – which is the bulkiest cost of video production. Instead, we used existing photos, stock footage and/or motion graphics.

View Some Samples

The trick with super short videos is to maintain the look and energy of your brand while being concise with your message and your call to action. If you are successful, viewers start to recognize your brand, just seconds into any new short video. Here are two super short videos that I produced for Velvet Pumpkin Productions. Click the images to watch the videos.

Here are a couple more examples for how corporations are using short online videos to successfully market their products and services. Both have also used the ‘funny’ card. Jack in the Box has gone one step further with their super short videos by making them a series called “Super Jack’d Mondays.” Click the images to watch the videos.

SAP Concur Online Video
Jack in the Box Online Marketing Series

I want to leave you with this: Start thinking of ways you can give your video messages quickly. How can you make it so that your video stands out of the crowd and is interesting enough for your viewers to want to see it to the end? Get to the point. Be interesting. Give a message that matters to your viewers. And you will see great results. I promise you.