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Video is today’s most effective marketing tool

Let’s play a quick game of “Would You Rather?”

Would you rather read a book, or Heli-ski? Would you rather holiday somewhere hot with summer beaches, or have a winter holiday atop beautiful alpine mountains? Would you rather scroll through long descriptive text about how fast you can ski down those mountains, or would you rather see it for yourself in a quick exciting video? I think we can all agree on the answer to that one.

Today we live in a world where high-speed Internet with free Wi-Fi is available practically everywhere. Your potential clients are all walking around with mobile devices capable of streaming high definition video wherever and whenever they want.

As with any marketing, competition is king – or queen if you prefer. So how can small and medium size businesses produce effective video that can compete in the online arena of marketing videos?

Start by really nailing down your business’ elevator speech– mastering this means you have an organized well-crafted pitch about your product, or yourself, that is compelling enough for people to want to hear over and over. A great elevator speech describes a product or solution that convinces people, in a very short amount of time, that they must have it!  About 30 to 90 seconds is long enough. A great tip for preparing your elevator speech is don’t tell about your business, rather hook your audience.

Think about how you want your video to look. Do you want to be seen or heard in it? What images are best associated with your business? Do you want music? The ideas are endless.

Prepare a concise script that answers the following:

  1. What is your target audiences’ ‘problem’ or need;
  2. how your solution works, how your service or product can be of benefit; and,
  3. why and how to contact you – a clear call to action!

A professional videographer can help you hone a script, but having one written that you feel correctly expresses your company’s message saves everyone time and money.

Producing a product/service video that makes your business memorable in a marketplace that uploads billions of new video every day requires effort and work. Highly skilled videographers focus on ensuring that your ‘business pitch’ translates effectively to video in ways that evokes emotions that get people to connect with you and your business.

To get inspired, view product and service videos from local businesses that you like. Click below to see successful businesses who have collaborated with Velvet Pumpkin Productions.