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Does Your Brand Have A Social Conscience?

We are all so eager to share the business side of our brands that we sometimes forget to show the human side, or more importantly, the humane side of our brands.

Having your brand connect with your community brings a strong bond between you and your public. It breeds a level of loyalty you can’t get from any other form of marketing.

It’s worth it to start thinking about causes and concerns that connect with what your business does. Let your social followers know of which community and humane subjects matter to your brand. You want people to feel the heartbeat of your business and to be aware of the humanity that your brand stands for. Especially in current times.

To do this, there is really only one medium that guarantees the success of your message; and when I say success, I mean getting your public emotionally connected to what your brand has to say. Be real about it. Be honest about it. Be emotionally excited by your own brand’s humane side. Then shout it to the world.

There are all kinds of video styles that can show the emotional and humane side of your brand:

  • If keeping healthy and fit is part of your brand’s community message, have your staff play sports games or join community teams, like dragon boat racing. Take video footage of the activity and post it all on your social sites with encouraging messages from your brand.
  • Your humane message can even be more specific to what your brand does: For example, you are in the clothing business and you want to reach out to your social followers with a well structured video that helps to make people aware of the benefits for wearing clothing that is Earth friendly.
  • Or you are in the food industry and purchasing local ingredients matters to your business ethically; Go out to those farms that you purchase from and interview the farmers. Then post those videos onto your social sites with a well thought out humane message from your brand.

I have a client who is a realtor. He brings me in to make a couple videos each month that focus totally on community and awareness.  He’s not interested in making a big selling message with these videos. But he does close his videos off with a gentle sell, reminding viewers that he is there to be of service. These videos are very successful. He’s a very busy man.

There are so many ways to bring a social conscience into your brand that connects with your business and your audience. And when you find your brand’s conscience, shout it out constantly using the most emotional media available… yes, I say it over and over again; VIDEO.  In fact, videos showing this side of your brand make a great campaign that keeps your business locked deep inside the minds of your audience.  So, go on and connect your brand with something you care about.  Then share your thoughts and your journey through it with videos; not once… but over and over.

Video has always been my passion. So if you need to bounce a video idea at me to get some feedback, go for it. I’d love to hear from you. Just go to my website’s contact page and send me a message.

Stay Safe,