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Audio: A Powerful Marketing Tool

When I produce videos for clients they rarely ask me questions about the audio for the video. Typically, everyone focuses on how the video will look; yet ironically, for engaging memory to potential customers, audio is more important than video images. I’m not talking about just what the message says, but also how that message will sound.

Sound is the secret ingredient to influencing emotions in a person. A girl walking up a staircase means nothing unless there are party noises coming from what seems to be the second floor, or if there is eerie music playing in the background to indicate danger.  In fact, if we go way back to our caveman days, it was what we heard that first influenced us to stay or run.

Our hearing is always alert and what we receive through our ears is often remembered.

Big corporations recognize and capitalize on the power that audio has in brand awareness and influence. For example, Subway uses the exact same young male voice every time you see, or hear, one of their commercials. Coca Cola over exaggerates the sound of a bottle of Coke opening in their ads, with the purpose that every time you hear any bottle opening anywhere in the world, you will think of Coke.

With audio being such an affordable tool more small businesses should be honing in on its powers.


So, how can you capitalize on audio?

First, purchase a high quality microphone. This is important because you are likely going to record in a room that is not sound proof. Expect to spend around $150 or even a little more for your USB mic.

Second, don’t improvise or just ‘wing’ your audio recordings. Prepare a script! Ask yourself, are you creating an audio greeting for your website’s home page? Are you recording a well-constructed phone answering message? Or, are you going big and recording some audio coaching and training for your clients as a product to be sold or gifted? Whether small or big, your audio project needs to be well thought out and well scripted. When you record, read the script carefully – do not to include ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’ – but at the same token don’t sound like you are reading. Perform your audio. Add enthusiasm, emotion and energy. If you can, get feedback from a trusted colleague before publishing live.

Last but not least, don’t forget music and sound FX! Start listening carefully to radio commercials and you will hear all the layers of sounds that go into a 10-30 second commercial. The power that these sound layers have to stir the emotions and imagination of the listener and engage their memory cannot be understated.

Now get out there and make some noise!

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