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Get Interactive!

Up to now, the only handicap with video communication was that it was only one way. But what if your videos could encourage a two-way conversation with each individual viewer, while the viewer is watching your video and that you also get to see the results of their side of the conversation. WHAT?!
I’m not talking about Zoom, Microsoft Team or Google Meet. I’m not talking about live video chatting at all. I’m talking about a well scripted, polished pre-recorded interactive video that allows your viewers to make decisions and answer questions which suit the way they want to see your video. And, each and every decision they make in your interactive video is data that is collected for you to see, any time you want.
Interactive videos also make a great video bookmark so that the viewers can go back to see valuable footage again, without having to re-watch footage that isn’t pertinent to them.
And what does all of this mean for you? It means more sales, my friend. It means more informed prospects who are much closer to buying when they contact you. It means you have more time to do your actual work, while your interactive video acts as a personalized sales agent for you.
I’ve provided this technology for a few years now and the clients who have used it still use it. In fact, each time their interactive videos need updating, all we have to do is update the section in need. We don’t have to rebuild the whole video. It’s like building a puzzle. You pull a piece of that puzzle out and replace it with a fresh new piece.

Check it out for yourself

Want to experience one for yourself?

I so swear by this type of video that I have two of them on my own website and I’m building another one to add to my family of interactive videos. This new one will go on my Home Page introducing the various video and smartphone camera workshops that I offer. I got the idea from one of my clients who uses his interactive video as a catalogue for his clothing products.

Click this image below to enjoy your interactive experience. Don’t forget to scroll down the page to watch the second one too. It’s my most creative one, yet.