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Do you feel like you are Captain Blah in front of the camera?

If you are feeling as though you are ordinary or boring in front of the camera as you record your videos, I have a few tips that can help you get out of that rut and get into making some cool videos. Read on and learn how to record better videos.

Prepare yourself a few days before you record your video. Practice what you want to say. If possible, practice in front of others and get feedback. If that isn’t possible, have a monitor with you when you record so that you can see how you are in front of the camera, as you record yourself.

Decide well ahead what you will wear. How do you want to present yourself in front of your audience? But no noisy clothing or accessories, please. We want only to hear you and nothing else. Another clothing tip from me is to stick with darker colour. They ‘read’ better on camera than light colours. White is a definite NO. Homemade videos often overexpose the colour and it doesn’t look good.

Don’t be afraid to do more than one take. Get into practicing some editing or hire an editor to clean up the footage.

Look into the camera. That’s where your audience is. Talk to them. Engage them. Imagine that camera is your favourite client or your best friend and be yourself.

Do a 1-minute test run. Watch it. It’s hard. I know. We don’t like to see ourselves, but this will be worth it. Get aware of your ticks. Do you look up a lot? Do you flail your hands? Maybe you say a whole lot of “ums”. Getting familiar with these nervous ticks will help you get rid of them – making your video(s) all that much more professional.

Now, the most important part; content. Remember to talk about your clients and customers; their needs and wants. Talk a whole lot less about you. And, get to the point asap. Don’t start with a bio about who you are. Give a quick introduction and then get to the meat of the matter right away. Then be specific about the problem you solve or the joy/delight that you provide for your customers and identify the uniqueness of your service that solves this problem or brings this joy. Remember to include further benefits like free shipping, maybe a discount for watching the video…


Know this: It is crowded out there!
There are a lot of you making videos on the web.
You need to make yours a little bit different, if you want to get noticed.
Be creative!

Lastly, you need a decisive closing call to action. Closing call to actions can be a challenge to do. You need to get your audience to take action at the end of your video: If you …. Then you must… Be clear on what you want them to do and then be clear in the video for what benefit it will be to the viewer if they take that action.


This should help take the “Blahs” out of your video and get your more viewings, which lead to more prospects. Get out there. Make your videos and ‘break a leg’ as they say in the biz. 😊