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9 Insightful Facts To Inspire Your Next Video Strategy

As online video marketing strategies have changed over the last couple of years, I though I would share some insightful facts that may inspire your next video strategy.

Have the predictions that video would take over online marketing panned out? Is video the powerhouse that foreseers thought it would be?

To answer those questions, I’ve gathered up some video facts that might make you raise an eyebrow or two. If nothing else, you will come away from this article with information that will make you think further into how you harness video for your own business advantages.


Did you know…

Curious about insightful facts for his next video strategy

1. Training videos were credited for lowering the product return rate by 25 percent (Internet Retailer).

2. One study found that using the word “video” in the subject line of an email pushed open rates up by as much as 13 percent (Experian).

3. Almost half of all online shoppers say they look for videos about a product or service they want to purchase BEFORE going to the brick and mortar location (Google).

4. Most online marketers (52 percent) say videos offer better ROI than any other type of content (Animoto).

5. Landing pages that include video can deliver up to 80 percent more conversions than landing pages without video (EyeView).

6. Videos draw visitors into websites and get them to spend more time on the vendor’s site. This provides yet another ranking signal to search engines ( The Good).

7. Watching a brand/corporate video provided enough incentive for 84 percent of online consumers to make a purchase (Hubspot).

8. Businesses who leverage video see sales increases almost half again (49 percent) as quickly as competitors who don’t use video (Aberdeen).

9. Corporate videos (brand videos) drive consumer confidence and are viewed by 60 percent of shoppers who find them (Steamboat Today).

What the heck! Let’s make it 10 insightful facts for your next video strategy…

10. 53% of smartphone users say they feel more favorable towards websites and companies that have videos about their brand and products or services (Google).
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